Application Maintenance & Support

We have significant experience in providing application maintenance and support services to help organizations achieve their business objectives. Public sector entities have significant investments in information technology what will execute their business plans to generate appropriate returns. With regard to application maintenance, management, and support, we provide design and product development services, bug fixing, enhancements, and operational and product level support as well as quality assurance testing. This helps enterprises maintain control of complex applications with less cost.

Cloud Migration and Hosting

We have extensive experience in migrating on-premises servers and workloads to commercial cloud, FedRAMP approved Government Cloud and Hybrid Cloud services, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.


Whether you need mobile applications for any or all platforms (including Windows 10, iOS13, Android 10 and Blackberry 10), you need a generic framework to develop mobile applications quickly – including integration with back-end systems.

Designing and implementing a top-notch user experience by following prescribed design paradigms on multiple mobile platforms is what separates Plateau, Inc. from the rest.

With the increasingly popular allowance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the openness of government organizations to allow a variety of mobile devices, Plateau, Inc. has the expertise and experience to develop applications that run on a gamut of devices such as Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, and Windows), phablets, and tablet computers (iPad, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Surface, etc.).

We have proven experience with the development of native applications for all popular platforms:

  • C#, XAML – Microsoft Surface 7 Pro, Windows 10 desktops, Phones,  Laptops and Microsoft Surface 3 Laptops
  • JQuery & HTML5 – iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets & Chromebooks
  • HTML5 Multi-platform Development – we can develop applications that can run on all of the top platforms with minimal incremental cost and common business layer(s).


Plateau, Inc. offers multiple mobile cross-platform solutions that support various operating systems. These solutions enhance existing enterprise investments allowing for easy and intuitive ways to access data.

Key Platforms and Technologies Supported:

  • Windows 10 (latest version)
  • Xamarin
  • iOS (latest version)
  • Android OS (latest version)
  • Blackberry 10 OS (latest version)
  • HTML5